What our clients have to say about Sharlene Mitchell & Associates


"Guelph Transit has used Sharlene' s skills and services to develop both Operator and Supervisor training plans , tailored specifically to the needs of the City of Guelph and Guelph Transit. Sharlene took accepted industry best practices and standards along with the City of Guelph's requirements, standards and expectations and developed training programs designed for Guelph Transit`s specific needs and delivered exceptional products on time and within budget. We look forward to working with Sharlene in the future as our system grows."

Phil Meagher, General Manager of Transit at the City of Guelph

"I have engaged the services of Sharlene Mitchell on several occasions to provide on-site training to staff as well as one on one mentoring support for supervisors. The training provided was interactive, informative and presented in such a manner that the day flew by. Staff thoroughly enjoy attending Sharlene's sessions and have indicated she is their favourite trainer, not to mention they utilize the skills and tools learned in those sessions in their day to day work. Not only would I recommend Sharlene to anyone looking for on-site training-I have and they were very satisfied with the service provided. If you're looking for a dynamic and informed trainer that will keep your staff engaged and make learning fun, you'll find just what you're looking for with Sharlene."

Gabrielle McMillan, General Manager, Windsor-Essex Student Transportation Services

"Our organization has partnered with Sharlene Mitchell on a number of occasions to support our professional development goals relating to staff bench strength improvement and teambuilding. Sharlene has been an excellent resource for us to translate our needs into a robust, suitable professional development session that is suited to both our industry and staff needs. From a program delivery perspective Sharlene has a very effective approach as a facilitator whereby she effectively engages the entire group in a non-threatening manner and our staff have responded well to all of the sessions. Sharlene is a consummate professional and I would highly recommend her services without any reservations."

Kent Orr, General Manager, Wellington-Dufferin Student Transportation Services

"I have invited Sharlene Mitchell to train my employees a few times now, and must say that her courses have been the most gratifying, worthwhile and productive courses we have participated in. The use of personal experience and knowledge to get the message across was very well executed. We would recommend Sharlene Mitchell's Training with no hesitation!">

Renée Boucher, Executive Director / Directrice générale, Sudbury Student Services Consortium de services aux élèves de Sudbury

"Sharlene's ability to customize and facilitate our training session was in a class of its own. Her ability to integrate real life scenarios and relate to our team enabled open lines of communication and created a professional yet comfortable learning environment."

Lori Letourneau, Direction du Service de Transport Francobus

"The professional development session Sharlene delivered to the entire STS staff was tailored to suit our exact needs. The exercises perfectly reflected exact scenarios which we encounter on a daily basis. This, combined with Sharlene's exceptional facilitative skills, provided us a safe environment to share, learn and grow. We were able to easily and practically apply the strategies from the session during the busy start-up season and still keep them alive today in our office."

Maureen Cosyn Heath, General Manager, Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services


"With Sharlene as my coach, I have extensively changed my leadership approach. I now see myself more objectively. The strategies learned will continue to benefit myself, personally and professionally as well as our organization in numerous positive ways. She has helped me understand our business and myself in different perspectives, challenged me on the areas I needed to address, and counseled me to get beyond the barriers that were holding me back. She has the insight to ask probing questions and get at the heart of the problem, at the same time maintaining the right balance of encouraging, listening, and understanding. As a result, she created in me change rather than resistance."

Supervisor, Windsor Essex Student Transportation Consortium

"As a coach, Sharlene takes the time to really understand the clients strengths, challenges and goals. Over the past year, Sharlene's coaching program has expanded my professional and personal growth by concentrating on my areas for improvement and celebrating my achievements. Sharlene's positive approach to each coaching session allows the client to really appreciate the topic and how it relates to them."

Supervisor, Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services

"I had the pleasure of having Sharlene Mitchell as my coach from August 2011 to August 2012. During the course of the year, Sharlene demonstrated she was dedicated to my success. The coaching structure was personalized to my needs and Sharlene's knowledge was shared through open communication. It is without reservation that I thank and recommend Sharlene for an inspiring coaching experience."

Manager, Service de transport Francobus

"Sharlene's leadership coaching had given me new insight in the way I have presented myself in the office in a supervisory capacity. Her outstanding professionalism enables you to take your mindset to the next level, and encourages the needed confidence to move forward in your career. She is highly recommended!"

Manager, Windsor Essex Student Transportation Consortium

"Being a new manager Sharlene was able to work with me to assist in the development and fine tuning of the skills necessary to deal with the everyday challenges of being a new Manager. She helped me stay focused and was a great support when tackling difficult human resources issues. Sharlene is a fantastic coach and I highly recommend her to any new Manager or Supervisor!"

Manager, Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services